OEE Foundation

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The OEE Foundation is an initiative originating from the “OEE Industry Standard Endeavour” when in 2000 a team of ‘heavy OEE users’ moderated by Arno Koch, a pioneer in the development of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), achieved a standard for defining OEE parameters.

The team fell apart after the job was accomplished around 2003.

In 2011, it was requested to revise the standard. The knowledge achieved so far asked for a moderated knowledge platform.

OEE Foundation pursuits the following goals:

  • Administering the ‘OEE Industry Standard
  • Unveil misperceptions about and around OEE
  • Promote OEE as a basic tool for systemic process improvement
  • Discussing different perspectives and opinions around -the use of- OEE
  • Describing ‘best-of-best’ argumentations, definition etc. in generic applicable Standards

On request of several parties, Arno has volunteered to establish the foundation and to moderate the discussions.

A compilation of many discussion around OEE can be found at: www.oeeCoach.com


Please contact us if you might want to participate in the initiative!

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