OEE and Six Sigma

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Published on: January 17, 2011
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Robert Strout ZF-Lemforder 24 Jul 2002

Most industries are striving to eliminate waste. I have been using a system different from OEE Toolkit, although I have had knowledge of it from the demo disk. Our company started 6 Sigma and used the OEE information for the basis of it’s initial projects. We found that the information from our system was lacking because of the general areas of loss. The toolkit would allow a accurate definition of losses. I was wondering if other company has used the OEE information for 6 Sigma projects and what were the results?

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  1. Arno Koch says:

    Arno Koch – Blom Consultancy 26 Jul 2002

    I know for a company producing baby milk powder that they monitor their quality using 6 sigma principles. To stabilize their process they implemented process teams. Those process teams focus on several performance parameters; the OEE parameters are used to reduce the losses and get the manufacturing process stabile. TPM is their framework to create stabil machines.

    They also concluded that OEE is very useful to get shopfloor steering information there where the proces can be improved: at the shopfloor!

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