Review: Hansen – Overall Equipment Effectiveness

by Arno Koch
Published on: June 23, 2011
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Written primarily for those responsible for the reliability of equipment and the production operation, this innovative book centers on developing and measuring true Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

The author demonstrates that true OEE correlates with factory output, provides a methodology to link OEE with net profits that can be used by reliability managers to build solid business cases for improvement projects, and draws on his own experience by presenting successful improvement applications in every chapter.

Additionally, it will also help practitioners better understand Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and develop an effective foundation to support Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM).

Robert Hansen – 2002 – $47,95  [Buy: Industrial Press]


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    [Found on]
    5.0 out of 5 stars The Hidden Factory Unlocked, April 24, 2002
    By mike moll (Rochester, New York United States)
    As a practitioner of Equipment Reliability and the person responsible for Equipment Operational Effectiveness, I found Mr. Hansens’ views of OEE extremely accurate and useful. His interpretations and the posturing of OEE with factory output demonstrates the importance of reliability to the corporate bottom line. Many companies continuously ignore the importance of unlocking the hidden factory and don’t realize the waste generated by ignoring OEE concepts. Mr. Hansen, in 274 pages, gives a complete and compact version that any corporate manager, by being proactive and a visionary, can utilize to change costs into profits. Reliability and OEE technologies appear to be fairly new to much of the industrial world. Mr. Hansen decribes in his book a cultural change, that if followed,will help produce a payback welcomed by any corporate institution. His writing is easy to understand by both new and old Reliability/OEE practitioners. He has written in an orderly fashion with each chapter building on, and complementing the previous. The book describes in a step by step fashion the concept of true OEE, which when practiced will unlock the hidden factory. As Mr. Hansen points out; “If you are not supporting Reliability, then you are supporting failures”.

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    [Found on]
    By Ir Pitoyo Amrih
    Improving the manufacturing plant can goes nowhere if you go blind. Seiichi Nakajima gave that vision by his OEE’s ideas. And this book…, this book can make that vision better and better…

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    [Found on]
    By Carlos Soto “knowledge eater” (MEDELLIN, Colombia)
    It has been a surprise to find a book that goes right to the point of company’s problem. What to measure?
    This indicator, which born on TPM’s methodology,is a valuable tool that let from top managers up to bottom line operators, to work with the same system’s focus, with the same language, without complicated calculus throughout the areas.
    It is easy to read and easy to comprehend. It should be present on every library’s manager.

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    [Found on]
    5.0 out of 5 stars A very simple tool that saves manufacturers thousands., May 31, 2002
    By Don (Business Industrial Network) “bin95dotcom” (St. Louis, MO USA)
    If you want to make someone’s day, (and they are in maintenance or production:>), give them a copy of Mr. Hansen’s book on OEE. He shows us how to capitalize on a very simple formula to save thousands by investing a little time and the knowledge in his book. It surprising how many do not know about OEE, so don’t assume they do.
    The overall performance of a single piece of equipment, or even an entire factory, will always be governed by the cumulative impact of the three OEE factors: Availability , Performance Rate, and Quality Reject Rate.

    Availability X Performance X Quality= OEE

    With the knowledge and utilization of the OEE calculation, it is common to realize greater than 40% increase in your bottom line. If you’re making a profit now, just think of the opportunity. More importantly, OEE is the glue that sustains other initiatives by enabling all to clearly see where to focus, and the results of those focused efforts. The exciting point is that OEE is a simple method of measuring, you can start utilizing it Today!

    My challenge to the industry is to Stop OEE Ignorance, and spread the word about this valuable tool. So I recommend you buy Mr. Hansen’s book today.

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