How high should the OEE be?

Q: I have been reading in different sources about the OEE measurement and I have not been able to find any concrete agreement about what the value for OEE should be. Could you please give me any references? How high should OEE be?

Is 85% OEE world class?

I several places I read that there is no common agreement but that it is generally suggested that:

  • bellow 65% OEE should be considered unacceptable, since it represents a very low competitiveness and a great number of economic losses.
  • A value between 65 and 75% is considered as regular, only acceptable if it is being improved.
  • An OEE between 75 and 85 % means an acceptable level with slight economic losses and which can be easily improved to World Class levels.
  • A high OEE value between 85 and 95 percent is considered as good and equals World Class values; it represents a high level of competitiveness.
  • And finally, a value above 95% is considered as excellence; an excellent competitiveness and World Class values.

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Should we calculate OEE when there is no demand?

Q: Some of our machines are not being used every day: We lack the demand of the product. So, I don’t evaluate those machines when they remain idle. But, as per my boss, those idle machines should also be evaluated (i.e. OEE =0) and should be presented in monthly graphical reports. Is it correct to calculate OEE of those machines while they are not running?

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Calculate OEE over multiple shifts

Q: My boss wants me to calculate and present a graphical OEE representation per week or month. So we need to calculate an average OEE over multiple shifts. I present this as I do with the daily data. I calculate the monthly OEE by taking the average of the daily OEE’s.

Is it alright to present a monthly OEE of the machines by calculating the average of several daily OEE’s in a month?

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Evaluating performance of machines

Q: I have been asked by my boss to find a way for evaluating the performance of the Machines in our factory and I found the implementation of OEE is the best way. Now I have some questions about how to define OEE, I have been following this website which helps me a lot.

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