Shopfloor Management with OEE

2 days  “Shopfloor Management with OEE” Workshop

8-24 Participants

How to use OEE as a central steering instrument in the daily operation.

  • What can be made visible with OEE?
  • Can we accept the consequences of seeing nasty things?
  • Turning discovered ‘nasty things’ into great opportunities
  • Psychology of Reporting
  • Who is reporting what to whom?
  • Understanding what ‘daily management’ means
  • What can daily management look like?
  • Agreeing on the achieved results
  • Who will be where and when? Defining the agenda’s
  • Defining the reports
  • Agreement on roles and rules

“Shopfloor management with OEE” is a practical workshop. It covers not only useful theory but also leaves the team with all preparations done to start next day

OEE shopfloor training in China

What is Shopfloor Management?

OEE Kick-off event

Get everybody on board for OEE

3,5 hours OEE Kick-off event for all manufacturing staff members and shopfloor teams;
30 – 100+ participants

Content OEE Kick-off event

Overview of the improvement strategy based on OEE

  • What is OEE?
  • For what problem is OEE a solution?
  • How to calculate OEE?
  • Steering the operation based on OEE
  • Learn how to abuse OEE when you are a manager (and why that does not makes sense)
  • What is to be achieved
  • Questions of the team


Goal: bringing the site to a mutual understanding of basic concepts around OEE; taking away misconceptions and fears, creating support for changes

OEE kick-off event in Jakarta

OEE Implementation Week

OEE Implementation on 1 to 4 machines, within one week:

  • Installation of OEE software for data-entry and analyses
  • OEE awareness training for complete factory population (30 – 100+ participants)
  • OEE definitions, together with shopfloor teammembers and teamleaders
  • Implementaion of the definitions in the software
  • Determination and validation of maximum speed definitions
  • Setting up a data-collection methodology
  • Training of the shopfloor team
  • Testrun in life production
  • Presentation of first loss-visualisations
  • 100 Days action plan for implementation of daily shopfloor management based on OEE

OEE Shopfloor Training

2,5 hours OEE shopfloor training for the production team;
4 – 8 participants of the shopfloor team

Practical instructions:

  • The team knows how to register common situations
  • Users can interpreting the numbers
  • Everybody knows how to responding to different situations
  • You know how to abuse OEE (and why that does not makes sense)
  • There is agreement what is to be achieved
  • Questions of the team are answered

Goal: Creating a team that understands what OEE is, why it is used, what the advantages are. The team has no more ‘old school misconceptions’ about OEE.

OEE Shopfloor Training