Theoretical maximum speed when manually unloading

Q: According to the fundamentals of ‘method-time measurement’, the standard time of an operation includes some fatigue allowance when the machine is loaded / unloaded manually by an operator.

Should I consider this standard time as theoretical maximum speed? Or should I eliminate the fatigue allowance from the standard time to find the theoretical maximum speed?

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Calculate OEE per hour

Q: Suppose I want to calculate OEE per hour, continuously during the running shift, in order to present the team an ongoing status, how should I calculate this, specially when the machine is not running? Does the OEE drop to zero?

What if the Availability has been 50% for last hour but the actual production has been zero? What do you do with the Performance number? Should it be equal to zero?

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Q: Should spillage be considered in OEE calculation?

Let’s say I’m producing 90 pieces instead of an expected 100. Then my OEE should be 90/100 = 90%. But now consider the conveyor is faulty because of which 10 pieces got spilled (without stopping the line). These 10 pieces spillage are waste as those can’t be use as finished goods. So 90-10 = 80 is my actual output now. In this case, my OEE should be 80/100 = 80% right?

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OEE in long-run milling process

Q: We are tool & die maker for  the automotive industry. Overall each die will take 20 to 35 days (based on size) to complete. Depending on the shape (contour) of the die, the process is done manually or auto mode. The mode depend on our CAD/CAM capability to do the programming.

How do we calculate OEE in our milling process?

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No information to determine the maximum speed definition…

Q: Our textile printing machine runs different products (fabric type along with number of printing colors). We don’t have any information to determine the maximum speed against each type of product (fabric type, number of colors etc.).

How can I define the maximum (Theoretical) speed of my machine when no manufacturer data is available?

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