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Q: I have to compare different OEE Softwares. There is a wide range of suppliers. The software should be very simple. The data collection should be manual, maybe with a bar-code scanner. A significant data evaluation is important. Could you recommend some suppliers?

Arno Koch •    This question was asked more often (see also ‘LinkedIn OEE’ forum) however there is not just one answer possible. May I make a proposal and give you some guidelines?

Proposal comparing OEE software:

After I wrote the first commercial OEE software in the 90’s, many different solutions are being developed, each with different approaches, different purposes, different solutions to all kind of issues. And of course different ‘tastes’.
The discussions about what software to use, mostly compare to ‘religious discussions’; few arguments and lots of ‘believes’.
So I feel users ánd suppliers would benefit from an overview of the different features and approaches in the different OEE solutions.

Format to compare OEE Software

At this moment I am preparing a format to list and compare relevant issues (based on returning questions users ask) in the different software. It is not my intention to rank the systems; I truly believe there is room for different approaches to different situations.

So software providers interested in participating to setup a ‘listing format’ please contact me. The list will be published at

Guidelines choosing OEE software:

Ok, now some key points from my personal checklist when I need to implement software;

  • How long does it take to get it technically running?
  • How long does it take to configure it?
  • Can it cope with the different situations/needs for definitions that I am facing?
  • Does it support the OEE Industry Standard?
  • How friendly is it to the user/operator? (check need for training)
  • Who’s  solution will it be (is it IT owned, management owned or shopfloor owned)
  • How deep are the possibilities to analyze losses? (beware of overkill or even non-information)
  • How are losses visualized, will the user easily understand this?
  • How easy is it to make quick reports/presentations?
  • Does it generate the information I need when running a SGA/Kaizen event?
  • What possibilities are there to visualize line/supply-chain issues?
  • Does it also allow also efficiency parameters to be monitored?
  • Does it give sufficient feedback to operators (ie in case of errors or when interaction is needed?)
  • How difficult is it to tap into machine signals?
  • Can it be used for manual data-collection? 

There are more points to consider, however those point hopefully lead you to the solutions that would fit your need.
Good Luck, Arno                

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