A Wide range of dedicated OEE workshops, as well as workshops in many improvement subjects, are available to be customized to your needs.

Practical Training on the shopfloor

  • Workshops are coordinated¬†by Arno Koch, a renowned world class Sensei achieving highest ranking feedback for more than 25 years
  • Workshops provided in English, German, Dutch or your local language via a certified trainer or interpreter
  • Workshops provided World Wide, on site or off site
  • Workshops are customized to suite your situation best; examples here are base modules
  • Workshops have a high return on investment
  • Workshops are highly focused on mindset and paradigm shift. At the same time achieving high knowledge transfer.

Workshops always based on the base principles:

  • True North
  • Visualizing Losses
  • Eliminating Losses
  • Creating Flow
  • Standardized Work to create Value
  • Respect for People

All our trainers support the OEE Industry Standard

In cooperation with:

Workshops (listed here) are for your reference. Do not hesitate to ask for other workshops or improvement plans.

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