OEE Coach Qualified Trainers

OEE Coach Qualified trainers

passionate trainers

Passionate Trainers

  • Qualified Trainers support-, use and train the basics and principles as described at the OEE Coach Website
  • Qualified Trainers will apply OEE with respect for the principles of TPM and Lean
  • Qualified Trainers will support- and use the OEE definitions according to the OEE Industry Standard (www.oeeIndustryStandard.org)
  • Qualified Trainers will never (ab)use OEE for benchmarking- or command-and-control purposes
  • Qualified Trainers will never (ab)use OEE to harm shop floor teams in any way
  • Qualified Trainers will deliver workshops with a high return on investment
  • Qualified Trainers will deliver workshops focused on mindset and paradigm shift, at the same time achieving high knowledge transfer.
  • Qualified Trainers will deliver workshops based on the base principles:
    • True North
    • Visualizing Losses
    • Eliminating Losses
    • Creating Flow
    • Standardized Work to create Value
    • Respect for People


OEE Coach Qualified Trainers



Based in

Core Competence


Assess BVBA Belgium Softskills Dutch – English – French
Blom Consultancy Netherlands OEE – TPM- Lean – Monozukuri Dutch – English
Centre of Excellence for TPM at the University of Ansbach
Germany TPM All Pillars German
CLC2 – TWI Institut Deutschland Germany TPM – OEE – Makigami – TWI German – English – Dutch
Haldan Consulting South Africa OEE English – Afrikaans
Princen Consultoria Brasil OEE – TPM – Lean Portuguese – English – Dutch
TWI Instituut Nederland Netherlands TPM – OEE – TWI Dutch – English

 Coordinated by

Arno Koch
Makigami BV
Netherlands OEE – Makigami – TPM – Monozukuri Dutch – English – German

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